What is there to see in Sueca?

Muntanyeta dels Sants, at the top of which is the Chapel of Santos Abdón and Senén (gothic style from the 17th century) the Royal Church of Mare de Déu de Sales, from the 17th century; a former Convent of Franciscan Monks of the Observance; the Church of Sant Pere (neoclassical) from the 18th century; El Asilo de los Ancianos Desamparados (‘Home for the Abandoned Elderly’, 19th century); the Athenaeum (19th century); the town hall (18th century) and Los Porches (arches withwide, square stone columns, from the 18th century). . .

“El Azut del Río”, a spot by the river Júcar as it passes through Sueca; Friday market, all year round, along Calle del Sequial, an ancient tradition of real commercial trade. Very close to the Albufera Natural Park.

Sueca also has 8km of beaches, from El Perelló until El Mareny de Vilxes, passing through Les Palmeres, El Mareny de Barraquetes and El Mareny Blau, where you can practice both fishing and spearfishing, as well as river fishing around the area; El Perelló Marina.

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