Anna | Federación de Campings Comunidad Valenciana


The municipality of Anna, in the region of La Canal de Navarrés, is well known for its beautiful natural surroundings, where water is the undisputed protagonist.

In fact, in its historic centre, of Islamic origin, the background sound is that of water in its fountains and washing places.

If you visit Anna, we recommend you take the Route of the Three Waterfalls and discover the Gorgo Gaspar, the Gorgo de los Vikingos and the Gorgo de la Escalera.

In the latter, canyoning routes are organised, although you need to have experience and be in good physical shape.

We also recommend you visit the Castle-Palace of the Counts of Cervellón, the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the Chapel of Santísimo Cristo de la Providencia, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the area.